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Green Institute is a center for sustainable development. Green Institute is a member of the UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network (SDSN), a global initiative for the United Nations, operating since 2012 under the auspices of the UN Secretary-General. Green Institute is formed with the involvement of national and international experts, distinguished academics, experienced practitioners & developmental professionals to contribute for planning, designing and building sustainable, green  & smart cities and communities in Nepal. Green Institute is an independent, nonpartisan institution whose mission is to promote sustainable development in Nepal and help solve social, economic and environmental challenges.

Green Institute is a center for education, knowledge development, capacity development, idea generation & implementation. Green institute is an independent think tank and ensures impartial policy recommendations for sustainable development. Green Institute gets engaged on policy discourse and analysis, policy consulting, advisory services, and rigorous research on issues related to sustainable development. Green Institute engages in finding out scientific and practical solutions to developmental problems and in responding effectively today’s developmental challenges. Green Institute tries to form and stimulate public opinion through open public debate/discourse and widely spread knowledge and information.

Green Institute tries to bring together developmental workers, activists, experts, scholars, practitioners, public officials, policy makers, media people and people and provide a common forum for multidisciplinary perspectives on public policy concerning sustainable development. Green Institute is intended as an open platform for critical exchange between researchers, professionals, and decision-makers and to build consensus between various stakeholders working for sustainable development. Green Institute aims to be one of the leading think tanks of Nepal on sustainable development.

For national and International students/scholars, academicians and researchers, Green Institute is a major center of practical study and research in Nepal about natural resources, natural disasters, biodiversity, environmental, social, cultural, economic and sustainable developmental issues of Nepal.

Green Institute envisions Nepal in which cities and communities become more prosperous, healthier, inclusive, safe, resilient, smart, green and sustainable. Green Institute remains committed and dedicated towards shaping better and safer cities and communities through partnership based approach and action.

Green Institute will attempt to be developed as the leading center in Nepal supporting sustainable city and community development and the planning and building of better cities and communities. In this context, Green Institute will work with governmental, non-governmental, private, academic, national and international institutions to make Nepalese cities and communities a better and safer place to live. The Green Institute has been launched and facilitated by one of the leading non-governmental, social and environmental organizations of Nepal- Team for Nature & Wildlife(TNW).


Sustainable, green, resilient & smart cities and communities in Nepal


To promote, assist and strengthen governmental and non-governmental stakeholders for planning, designing & building sustainable, green, resilient & smart cities and communities in Nepal

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Green Institute
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Kathmandu, Nepal
Tel Number: +977 1 5570877