The Green Institute is a centre for sustainable development formed with the involvement of national and international experts, distinguished academics, experienced practitioners &developmental professionals to contribute for planning, designing and building sustainable, green  & smart cities and communities in Nepal. The Green Institute was founded and officially registered on 13th February 2012.

The Green Institute is a center for education, information, capacity development, idea generation,dissimination and implementation, discourse, policy analysis, evaluation and reform, advisory services, and research on issues related to sustainable development. The Green Institute is also a center for strategic planning, design, management, implementation, monitoring & evaluation of sustainable developmental initiatives.

The Green Institute is intended as an open platform for critical exchange between researchers, professionals, and decision-makers and to build consensus between various stakeholders working for sustainable development of cities and communities.

In the initial phase, the Green Institute will especially focus on sustainable urban development. In this context, the Green Institute will work on urban policy, legislation and governance, urban planning and design, urban economy/livelihoods, urban finance, urban environment management/improvement, urban land governance, urban health promotion, urban housing, urban transportation, urban energy security, urban humanitarian crisis/issues/services and urban risk reduction.

The Green Institute attempts to identify, study, research and analyze problems, challenges, crisis and opportunities in urban & rural context and develop a detailed plan, innovative idea and practical solution to address developmental problems. Accordingly, the Green Institute will implement the developed plan into action to produce sustainable outputs, results and positive impacts.

During the period of planning and executing, the Green Institute always focuses on urban environmental security and social, economical, physical, legal, psychological and mental security of vulnerable groups living in urban areas including people living in informal settlements.

The Green Institute envisions Nepal in which cities and communities become more prosperous, healthier, inclusive, safe, resilient, smart, green and sustainable. The Green Institute remains committed and dedicated towards shaping better cities and communities through partnership.

The Green Institute will attempt to be developed as the leading center in Nepal supporting sustainable city & community development and the planning and building of better cities and communities. In this context, the Green Institute will work with governmental, nongovernmental, private, academic, national and international institutions to make Nepalese cities and communities a better place to live.


Sustainable, green, resilient & smart cities and communities in Nepal


To assist key stakeholders (governmental/nongovernmental/community based organizations) for planning, designing & building sustainable, green, resilient & smart cities and communities in Nepal

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Green Institute
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Kathmandu, Nepal
Tel Number: +977 1 5570877