Better school/education

Volunteering for better school/education

  • 11,281 classrooms have been completely destroyed by earthquake
  • 5869 classrooms are partially damaged by earthquake.
  • 9181 public school buildings of 40 districts have been damaged.
  • More than 0.9 million 48 thousand-school children have been directly affected.

Because of damage and destruction of school’s buildings and classrooms, regular school education of millions of school children has been adversely affected. The lack of school infrastructures has deprived earthquake-hit Nepali school children to have access to quality education. Quality education is the foundation to promoting sustainable development.

Areas of volunteering:

Teaching school children

A Volunteer can:

  • Teach English subject/language and other subjects
  • Teach arts/painting/music/sports/theatre/dance
  • Teach photography/videography /journalism etc.
  • Teach physical exercises, yoga/meditation etc.
  • Provide technical education to school children

Teacher training

A Volunteer can work for:

  • Development of teacher training plan, program and manuals
  • Organizing training or capacity development activities for teachers to develop their teaching skills

School management support

  • A volunteer can help teachers/school management committee to develop better school management plan
  • A volunteer can help teachers/management committee to improve school’s educational quality

School physical infrastructures improvement

A Volunteer can:

  • Help in renovation of the school (damaged by earthquake)
  • Help in reconstruction of the school (destroyed by earthquake)
  • Help in equipping the school with adequate technical materials like furniture
  • Work in development of child-friendly school infrastructures & school environment

One lab & library/school

A Volunteer can work for:

  • Establishment of a resourceful science lab
  • Establishment of a resourceful library

Healthy School or school health promotion

A Volunteer can:

  • Conduct regular health check-up of school children and people (volunteer should be doctors)
  • Work in organizing school health camps
  • Organize health education and awareness activities ( volunteer should be health professionals)
  • Help in management of financial & technical resources for development of School Health Center

Smart/Digital School

A Volunteer can:

  • Teach school children on the use of computer/laptop or ICT related training to school children
  • Work in equipping the school with IT facilities such as computer, laptops with Internet

Green school initiatives

A Volunteer can work for:

  • Green club formation at school level
  • Education and awareness on environmental conservation
  • Education and awareness on climate change/global warming
  • Tree plantation program
  • Waste management training to students
  • Waste management at school
  • School green park development
  • Education and training on pre-natural disaster management

Water-borne disease free school

A Volunteer can work for:

  • Education and awareness on water and sanitation issues
  • Working with school to improve sanitation
  • Working with school for access to clean and adequate water

Energy efficient school

A Volunteer can work for:

  • Energy conservation education at school
  • Equipping schools with renewable energy like solar system Biogas installment

School events management

A Volunteer can work for organizing:

  • School Clean day
  • School Tree plantation day
  • School Poem recitation day
  • School Arts day
  • School sports day
  • Talk-show/workshop/seminar on any social and environmental issues

School farming

A Volunteer can:

  • Teach school children about modern agricultural technologies and farming system
  • Teach and train school children to grow and produce organic, nutritious and healthy vegetables and fruits
  • Teach school children about nutritional security
  • Work to develop school vegetable garden
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