Four “smart cities” in Kathmandu Valley

The government said it will build four smart cities on the outskirts of the Kathmandu Valley. A meeting of the Cabinet on Monday decided to set up the smart cities in four different corners with proper urban planning in order to ease the population density in the Kathmandu downtown. The Kathmandu Valley Development Authority has moved a step forward to develop a modern satellite city through a public-private venture that will transform a few selected areas into a modern urban…

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Who will keep your smart city humming? Skilled, talented people (and Cisco’s on it)

Connected technologies, the Internet of Things and other elements are coming together to create the intelligent cities of the future. But where do we find the skilled, talented people we’ll need to make it all work? Fortunately, Council Lead Partner Cisco and others are on it. Read the story to learn about how they plan to fill the smart cities talent gap.

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