Consulting services

Consulting Services

In addition to services on urban planning & design, developmental and environmental sectors, the Green Institute offers consulting services in following areas:

Project design, planning, management & execution

The Green Institute consists of a team of highly experienced and skilled professionals on social, economical, environmental project design, planning, development, management and implementation. Green Institute, with the involvement of its experts and in coordination with its national and international partners offers consulting services in the development of strategic plan, action plan, operational plan, Master plan of any sustainable developmental projects and organizations. Green Institute also offers project management services to governmental, non-governmental organizations and other stakeholders. The Green Institute supports the stakeholders to deliver the projects that meet cost, schedule and targets. The Green Institute works to create right strategies, manage and mitigate risk, and assure the outcomes to meet project objectives.


Monitoring and evaluation

The Green Institute works for monitoring and evaluation of projects. Green Institute will adopt spot based monitoring system using agreed indicators to assess outcomes, outputs, results and impacts of project.

Green Institute works on short-term, mid-term or end-term reviews, performance assessment or impact assessments and evaluations covering all aspects of developmental projects like social, economic, cultural, political, technical, environmental and sustainability aspects.


The Green Institute has been commissioned by several not-for profit making organizations to plan, manage and execute socio-economic, environmental and developmental projects and initiatives.

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