Course in urban governance

Professional Short Course in

Urban governance 

( urban planning, design, development & leadership)

Green Institute has launched “Professional short course in urban governance” for city council leaders(Mayors/deputy Mayors), village council leaders, local representatives, administrators, executive officers and managers.

Main objective of the course is to enable and empower the local representatives to plan, design, administer, lead and develop their cities. This course is about how to envision a city, how to plan a city, how to design a city, how to administer city developmental projects effectively, how to lead, how to manage resources and how to run a city.

 Course thematic areas:

  • Urban planning and design
  • Legislation
  • Budgeting
  • Resources management/financing
  • Local economic development
  • Local governance
  • Sustainable city development
  • Urban developmental administration
  • Urban governance
  • Leadership

Course duration


 Resource persons/visiting lecturers

Highly experienced city leaders, urban administrators and world-class experts on urban planning, design and sustainable urban development will be the resource persons and visiting lecturers for the course.

System of teaching

The resource persons will teach through online (digital technology based teaching) and offline (class room based teaching) system.

Additionally, there will be sharing of knowledge, idea, expertise, best urban developmental practices/models, experiences, and information, publications, presentations, books and resource materials.


Upon completion of the course, after submission of a city developmental concept note along with power point presentation, the students will get the certificate of course.

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