Dr. Asad Mohammed

Asad Mohammed (1)Dr. Asad Mohammed is Coordinator of the Graduate Programme in Urban and Regional Planning at UWI, St Augustine and Director of the Caribbean Network for Urban and Land Management (the blueSpace Network). He has been involved in reforming the management of the built environment of Trinidad and Tobago for many years. This includes a stint as Chairman of the (Interim) National Physical Planning Commission 1997-2003 and more recently as Chairman of the National Planning Task Force of Trinidad Tobago and the Education City Committee.   He was a housing and land rights activist in his early career and later an advisor to many Caribbean governments and multilateral agencies working in the region on planning, land and housing issues. He has recently led the UWI team on the AusAid funded OECS/UNHabitat sustainable land management project in the Eastern Caribbean. He holds a PhD in City and Regional Planning from Cornell University.

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