Environmental consulting


Consulting services

The Green Institute has a team of world-class experts on a wide range of environmental issues, Natural Resources Management/biodiversity experts, Environmental economists, Economists, Sociologists, Statisticians, Environmental engineers, management experts, scholars and professionals on several areas of sustainable development. Through such highly skilled and experienced human resources and jointly with leading international institutions, the green institute offers consulting services on following areas:

  • Study, research, survey and analysis on environmental/natural resources/biodiversity issues
  • Environmental info-graphics, data collection and visualizations ( on environmental issues)
  • Study, scoping/feasibility study, needs assessment, report development on environmental issues
  • Consulting services for environmental/natural resources management and conservation
  • Conservation project planning( study, design & management of conservation and protected areas)
  • Natural resources based economic development or green economy
  • Green-job/employment, enterprise development and entrepreneurship
  • Environmental governance
  • Environmental security
  • Renewable energy or energy security
  • Sustainable/scientific waste management
  • Waste to energy/compost (zero waste city/community)
  • Environmental Health
  • Environmental pollution (air, water, river)
  • Environmental/natural resources conflict management
  • Natural disaster management ( Pre and post disasters)
  • Resilient cities and communities
  • Design & construction of earthquake-resistance/disaster resistance infrastructures
  • Environmental policies, law/legal issues/legislation
  • Environmental diplomacy
  • Environmental project planning, strategy development, management and execution
  • Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)
  • Initial Environmental Examination (IEE)
  • Environmental engineering and technologies
  • Climate change, climate-resilience, mitigation and adaptation
  • Eco-tourism development
  • Culture and cultural heritages conservation
  • Land management, administration & governance
  • Scientific forest/resources management, conservation and governance
  • Water resources management
  • Sustainable mountain development
  • Urban environment management and improvement
  • Monitoring & evaluation, report writing or documentation of environmental projects/initiatives
  • Environmental Information dissemination through media (Media and communication)
  • Environmental documentary film production & shows for environmental education, awareness & sensitization











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