The Green Institute works in the management and organization of events like talk show, workshop, green camp, round table, policy dialogue, development discourse, debate, meeting, seminar and conference on sustainable development issues. The people associated with the Green Institute have a long experience of organizing, coordinating and executing several mega events including international workshops and conferences.The Green Institute attempts to support governmental, nongovernmental and any other agencies to coordinate and manage social events.

The Green Institute itself organizes events on sustainable developmental issues for education, awareness, information sharing, open debate and sensitization of concerned authorities on critical issues.


green 18Green-Talk is an event organized by the Green Institute. It is 30-60 minutes’ talks and lectures or keynote or conversation session on any one of the sustainable developmental issues (followed by interaction) by renowned  developmental workers, experts, policy makers, distinguished academics and practitioners. It is a platform to disseminate great ideas on sustainable developmental issues which promote sustainable developmental goals and present a practical solution of developmental problems.

Development Discourse

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Green Institute is organizing Development Discourse. The discourse session will provide a common forum to discuss and deliberate some of the most challenging developmental issues/problems in context of Sustainable Development. The discourse session will include presentations by some developmental professionals.

Additionally, the Green Institute organizes “Development Discourse” at community level, with the participation of local people and stakeholders to discuss on ” how we can sustainably develop a community?”.

GI Policy Dialogue

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GI Policy dialogue is an event conducted by the Green Institute. It is run as open space platforms for exchange of ideas and inputs on public and developmental policies. Green Institute facilitates policy dialogue events with multiple stakeholders at different levels and locations.

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