Green Camp

Green Camp 


Green Camp is a three days’ workshop  conducted by the Green Institute. The Green Camp attempts to gather community people, youth, students and various stakeholders at one place and conduct open interaction on environmental, social, cultural, economical and developmental issues.The Green camp facilitates open dialogue, discussion and interaction with each other on contemporary environmental,social, economical, cultural including sustainable developmental issues.

Some noted professionals or experts give a presentation on any one of the sustainable developmental issues based on their study, research and working experiences. There will be intense discussion on the issues presented by the speakers. Additionally,there will be focussed group discussion on the issues. The rapporteur or group leader on behalf of the group present their views on the issues.

The Green Camp has been launched by Nepali Greens to promote green and sustainable development at local and national level, with the support of AG-IDC, Solukhumbu Trust.





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