Green Entrepreneurship

Green Entrepreneurship/Economy

We facilitate emerging, potential, innovative and environment-friendly entrepreneurship oriented initiative/idea and startup enterprises or entrepreneurs to scale up their enterprise to the level of large-scale enterprises. We attempt to help them to develop their business development idea, knowledge and entrepreneurial skills through Green entrepreneurship school and other services. We attempt to link them with potential investors and stakeholders for seed capital, investment, partnership, marketing and business growth. We attempt to provide them with mentors and experts for online, direct mentorship & support. We promote environment-friendly enterpreneurship and natural resources based economic initiatives.

The Green Institute offers following services for potential Green entrepreneurs:

  • Green-Business counseling services,
  • Capacity development trainings/entrepreneurship schooling
  • Eco-friendly, small and micro-enterprise development/management training
  • Financial education/literacy or financial management training
  • Access to finance/seed capital/loan
  • Market access/exposure/linkage ( market development)
  • Enterprise registration and annual auditing
  • Promotion of business venture and its products
  • Access to supportive and valuable institutions
  • Access to information
  • Enterprise/business development services
  • Regular follow-up, guidance and mentorship
  • Technical services & support for entrepreneurship


The Green Institute promotes forest-based entrepreneurship/economy through:

  • Education and training on forest based entrepreneurship/enterprise development,
  • Research on forest resources, identification of high value, rare and endangered species of medicinal plants,
  • Promoting conservation, cultivation, sustainable collection, commercialization of medicinal herbs and non timber forest products,
  • Promoting sustainable collection, marketing and commercialization of non-timber forest products
  • Promoting development of Forest Nursery




Contact Address
Green Institute
P.O Box 19483
Kathmandu, Nepal
Tel Number: +977 1 5570877