Green volunteering Nepal

for GREEN/sustainable community

Green Volunteering is environmental Volunteering, which is the engagement of people in volunteering activities or projects related to environmental protection, conservation, biodiversity conservation, natural resources management through awareness, education, skill development training, advocacy, campaigning and other physical or action-oriented works.The main focus of the green volunteer or environmental volunteer will be to contribute in making communities green, clean and healthy and promote environment-friendly community development. In this regard, green volunteer inspires, educates, empowers and engages community people to make green communities.

Additionally, the green volunteer supports the community in socio-economic development, working for quality education, better health services, better infrastructures, income generation etc.

Areas of volunteering:

Teaching young/people

A volunteer can:

  • Teach English language to young/people
  • Teach arts/painting/music/sports/theatre/dance
  • Teach photography/videography /journalism etc.
  • Provide technical education & training to young/people
  • Help communities/people to enhance literacy level

Healthy community/ public health promotion

A volunteer can work in developing a healthy community by:

  • Conducting regular health check-up of people  ( if the green volunteers are doctors)
  • Organizing health camps
  • Organizing Health education and awareness
  • Helping community/public health centers for quality and better health services

Smart/Digital Community

A volunteer can work to develop a smart or digital community by :

  • Teaching young/people on the use of computer/laptop
  • Providing ICT related training to young/people

Green community initiatives

A volunteer can work in the development of green community by:

  • Working in community Green club formation with the involvement of youth and local stakeholders
  • Organizing education and awareness activities on environmental conservation
  • Organizing education and awareness activities on climate change/global warming
  • Organizing Tree plantation program
  • Organizing Waste management training
  • Working in Household/community waste management
  • Organizing Education and training on pre-natural disaster management

Water-borne disease free community

A volunteer can work to develop a water-borne disease free community by:

  • Education and awareness on water and sanitation issues
  • Working with young/people to improve sanitation
  • Working with young/people for access to clean and adequate water

Energy efficient community

A volunteer can work for the development of energy efficient and secure community by:

  • Organizing Energy conservation education
  • Helping earthquake victims technically for renewable energy services like solar system and biogas

Community social events management

A volunteer can organize:

  • Community Clean day
  • Community Tree plantation day
  • Talk-show/workshop/seminar on any social and environmental issues

Community organic farming

A volunteer can:

  • Teach young/men and women about modern agricultural technologies and organic farming system
  • Teach and train young/men and women to grow and produce organic, nutritious and healthy vegetables and fruits
  • Teach young/men and women about nutritional security
  • Help young/men and women to develop agro-enterprise and agri-business
  • Help young/men and women farmers for marketing and market linkage

Interested people are requested to send us an email to receive detail information about “Green Volunteering Program”, along with application form/process to work as a Green Volunteer ! After completion of volunteering work, the Green Volunteer will get a “Certificate of Appreciation” !!!

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