Green volunteering

Volunteering for GREEN/sustainable community

Areas of volunteering:

Teaching young/people

A volunteer can:

  • Teach English language to young/people
  • Teach arts/painting/music/sports/theatre/dance
  • Teach photography/videography /journalism etc.
  • Teach physical exercises, yoga/meditation etc.
  • Provide technical education & training to young/people
  • Help communities/people to enhance literacy level

Physical infrastructures improvement

A volunteer can:

  • Help the victims physically and technically for renovation of their homes (damaged by earthquake)
  • Help the victims physically and technically for the reconstruction of their homes (destroyed by earthquake)
  • Help the victims to manage resources for rebuilding their homes

Healthy community/ public health promotion

A volunteer can work in developing a healthy community by:

  • Conducting regular health check-up of people or earthquake victims ( volunteers should be doctors)
  • Organizing health camps
  • Organizing Health education and awareness
  • Helping community/public health centers for quality and better health services

Smart/Digital Community

A volunteer can work to develop a smart or digital community by :

  • Teaching young/people on the use of computer/laptop
  • Providing ICT related training to young/people

Green community initiatives

A volunteer can work in the development of green community by:

  • Working in community Green club formation with the involvement of youth and local stakeholders
  • Organizing education and awareness activities on environmental conservation
  • Organizing education and awareness activities on climate change/global warming
  • Organizing Tree plantation program
  • Organizing Waste management training
  • Working in Household/community waste management
  • Organizing Education and training on pre-natural disaster management

Water-borne disease free community

A volunteer can work to develop a water-borne disease free community by:

  • Education and awareness on water and sanitation issues
  • Working with young/people to improve sanitation
  • Working with young/people for access to clean and adequate water

Energy efficient community

A volunteer can work for the development of energy efficient and secure community by:

  • Organizing Energy conservation education
  • Helping earthquake victims technically for renewable energy services like solar system and biogas

Community social events management

A volunteer can organize:

  • Community Clean day
  • Community Tree plantation day
  • Talk-show/workshop/seminar on any social and environmental issues

Community organic farming

A volunteer can:

  • Teach young/men and women about modern agricultural technologies and organic farming system
  • Teach and train young/men and women to grow and produce organic, nutritious and healthy vegetables and fruits
  • Teach young/men and women about nutritional security
  • Help young/men and women to develop agro-enterprise and agri-business
  • Help young/men and women farmers for marketing and market linkage

Interested people are requested to send us an email to receive detail information about “Green Volunteering Program”, along with application form/process to work as a Green Volunteer ! After completion of volunteering work, the Green Volunteer will get a “Certificate of Appreciation” !!!

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Green Institute
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