Nepal Environmental Volunteering Program



Green Institute is an implementing and coordinating institution of Nepal Environmental Volunteering Program. The Green Institute works for the management and recruitment of volunteers.

Environmental Volunteers in Nepal will have to get involved in following environmental volunteering activities:

  • Generating awareness and educating children, youth, women and local people about protection and conservation of environment, biodiversity and natural resources
  • Generating awareness and educating people about global warming, climate change, impacts of climate change, mitigation and adaptation measures
  • Educating children and young people and working with them for the protection of forest and endangered wildlife species
  • Educating young children about water resources conservation
  • Educating people about the negative effects and consequences of chemical fertilizers and pesticides on farming
  • Educating and training people about organic and environment-friendly farming
  • Helping the farming communities to adopt organic farming and develop organic villages
  • Educating people about environmental health including water and sanitation, Educating and training people on water purification
  • Educating and training children, young people and local people on solid waste management at household level
  • Facilitating schools to form green club to mobilize young children and students in environmental activities at school level and community level
  • Organizing environmental activities like tree plantation, school clean up, community clean up, green rally etc. at community level
  • Organizing skill development training for young children, youth and people
  • Educating people about sustainable development

The Environmental volunteers are free to do additional creative, innovative, productive and participatory activities, programs and projects under their leadership, coordination and management.

If you are interested to contribute for environment conservation, then you are welcome to contact.


Contact Address
Green Institute
P.O Box 19483
Kathmandu, Nepal
Tel Number: +977 1 5570877