Nepal Rural study

Nepal Rural Study

“Learning by serving the rural community/people”

6 weeks’ field-based course on
 Nepal’s rural communities/ development 

Nepal rural study program is a joint program of the Green Institute and Team for Nature and Wildlife(TNW) Nepal, one of the leading NGOs of Nepal. Nepal rural study is a field-based schooling program on  rural communities/development. The duration of the course is 6 weeks. The course deals with issues related to rural community/development in context of Nepal. The program offers practical understanding and experiences of diverse social, cultural, environmental, humanitarian, economical issues and problems in rural communities of Nepal.

The main objective of the program is to make young people knowledgeable and experienced on Nepal’s rural affairs and develop leadership culture and skill of young people to lead a community, society, organization, project and initiative effectively and efficiently. The students are encouraged to work in extremely rural & remote communities, serve the community people, directly communicate and interact with the community people, observe them, learn from them and lead them as a servant leader.

It is totally a field based and community based program in which the young people will have to spend his or her entire time in a very poor, underprivileged and backward rural/remote community and work to serve the people as a development practitioner. They have to help the people to develop the community on sustainable way.

System of Learning:

This is not a class-room based course. It is totally a practical and field based learning program. It is about traveling in rural communities, working with the people & serving the people for learning. The students will have to go to rural communities to spend moments with rural people. A home-stay will be managed during the entire field-based study.The students will have to stay at a home of local people and have local foods served by the people. The host family will serve at least 2 meals ( a plate of rice, vegetables, curry, lentils, pickles) a day. Staying with a host family will give you cultural experiences and rural lifestyle.

The students will have to write a report by conducting a study/research on any rural developmental issues to be given by the research supervisor. A highly knowledgeable person about rural developmental issues will coordinate the field-based study as a coordinator and mentor.

For Application system & further information:

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