Nepal Smart City Summit

Nepal Smart City Summit


The government introduced the concept of ‘smart city’ for the first time in 2012.Several times, the government has declared to build smart cities. Not only the government, but also the political parties, especially during the time of local level election, had promised with the people to make each municipality as a smart city, if they won the local level election. Recently, the cabinet meeting decided to set up the smart cities in four different corners with proper urban planning in order to ease the population density in the Kathmandu downtown. Out of Kathmandu, the government is also on the process of making smart city developmental plans in Lumbini, Nijgadh and Palungtar area of Gorkha. Likewise, newly elected city leaders/Mayors are also planning to build smart cities.

In order to promote smart city initiatives in Nepal and provide ideas, knowledge, information, resources on smart city development, Green Institute has come up with “Nepal Smart City Summit”.

The main objectives of the summit are to:

  • Acquire idea, knowledge, and information on smart city development
  • Explore all the smart city projects and technologies available at national and international level
  • Build partnerships with valuable stakeholders
  • Connect with potential investors for smart city projects/initiatives
  • Connect with over 50 speakers and thought leaders from Nepal and abroad

The date and venue of the summit will be fixed soon.

If any national and international organizations and institutions are interested to be a partner of the Nepal’s first smart city summit, then please send us an email.

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