Opportunities at Green Institute

  1. Urban Consultants

GreenInstitute calls for interested experts/consultants with experience in following areas to submit their curriculum vitae for upcoming opportunities.


  • Smart city development
  • Urban planning and design
  • Urban economy/livelihoods
  • Urban land governance
  • Urban environment management
  • Urban health promotion
  • Urban housing
  • Urban transportation
  • Urban energy security
  • Urban policy, legislation and governance
  • Urban risk reduction
  • Study, research and survey
  • Capacity development
  • Monitoring & evaluation
  1. Urban Research Associate

GreenInstitute calls for interested scholars with research experience in urban issues to submit their curriculum vitae for upcoming opportunities.

  1. Internship

The Green Institute calls for interested students (who are studying and have completed studies in urban developmental issues) to work as an intern for executing, monitoring, evaluation and reporting of the programs/activities.

The Green Institute would like to request youto send your curriculum vitae to if you would like to be included in our database.



Contact Address
Green Institute
P.O Box 19483
Kathmandu, Nepal
Tel Number: +977 1 5570877