Organic Village Volunteering

Volunteering for Organic Village

Green Institute is one of the technical partners of “Organic cities/communities” initiative, launched by TNW Nepal (an environmental NGO) in Chapakot Municipality, Syangja. On 23rd April, the municipality has declared to develop it as an organic city and all the villages into organic villages in 10 years.

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For providing training on modern technology based organic farming in commercial way, the municipality has established a community agriculture school in the name of Prangarik Pathshala. The municipality has a plan to set up such agriculture schools in each community. By teaching farmers about organic farming practices and by providing incentives, technical and financial support, the municipality hopes to make organic villages.


Organic Village Volunteer (OV2) has to work with smallholder farmers especially women farmers on farmland, support the farmers in training, program management and execution, production and marketing of organic and healthy agricultural products in order to raise economy and living standard of rural farmers. Besides, OV2 can support local people and farmers in community development activities in the field of education, health and infrastructure development.

Interested people are requested to email us for application and volunteer placement to work as an “Organic Village Volunteer (OV2) in one of the naturally beautiful rural villages.











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