Local Partners:


One of the local partners of the Green Institute is Nepal Basobas Basti Samrakchan Samaj (NBBSS). It is called by its English name, the Society for Preservation of Shelters and Habitations in Nepal (SPOSH–Nepal).

It is the only one non-governmental organization formed and run by slum dwellers in Nepal with nationwide networks. It is based on the belief that squatters or the slum dwellers themselves should advocate, take action and contribute for solutions. It was formed in 1998 as an ad hoc committee of representatives of squatter groups in Kathmandu, and was officially registered in early 2000 as a federation of groups from squatter settlements in Nepal aiming to work for the right to shelter. It has been strongly advocating and fighting for the rights, security and welfare of slum dwellers.

The Green Institute is offering advisory services to and supporting the SPOSH-Nepal for strategic planning, project design, project management & implementation, capacity development, institutional development, resource management, monitoring and evaluation,promotion,national and international linkage and networking.

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