Current Projects 

Integrated urban environment improvement


The Green Institute has started a study and research program in order to find scientific and sustainable solutions to existing urban environmental problems and develop recommendations for integrated urban environment improvement policies and programs.

The Green Institute’s Research Interns are carrying out in depth study, literature review, field visits, information and data collection, consultations and individual discussion with concerned experts, people, professionals and agencies.

 Community Development Planning and design


The Green Institute has been commissioned by a rural community based NGO to make a detailed planning and design of a community to be developed in context of sustainable development. A team of developmental planners and experts associated with the Green Institute is now on the field.

The team members are interacting with local people and community stakeholders on sustainable community developmental issues.

Greens Club formation

Greencamp1The Green Institute has been commissioned by a not-for profit making foundation to manage and execute the project titled “Greens Club at local level”. The main objective of the project is to inspire the young people at community level to form a Greens Club, in the form of an informal group of young people to work for environment-friendly sustainable development of local communities.


Contact Address
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