DSCN2161Green Institute attempts to be a leading centre for research in Nepal. On the basis of research, the Green Institute develops developmental policies and programs, offers policy advise, develop practical and scientific solutions to developmental problems and educates/informs the public. The Green Institute, in coordination with or with the support of other national and international institutions conducts field based study, research, survey, assessment, review and analysis on social, cultural, environmental, economical and sustainable developmental issues.

Our Research areas/expertise:


  • Environment/natural resources/biodiversity
  • Natural disasters
  • Climate change
  • Environmental security
  • Environmental policies and politics
  • Environmental governance
  • Environmental Diplomacy
  • Environmental conflict
  • Environmental/green economy
  • Environmental health
  • Urban development/governance
  • Land management/governance
  • Agriculture, food and nutritional security
  • Sustainable/renewable Energy

For research and survey, the Green Institute offers opportunities to and engage young students through a system of placements as Research Interns. The young interns are guided by Research Officer & External Research Consultant.
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Green Institute executed Action-research:

In 2013 July, the Green Institute executed UN-Habitat funded “Youth-led action research on Land” project. TNW Nepal commissioned the Green Institute to implement the research project, funded by the UN- Habitat and GLTN. One of the key outputs of the project was the Youth and Land Responsiveness Criteria tool (YLRC). The purpose of the Youth and Land Responsiveness Criteria tool is to ensure that youth and land issues are integrated into land programs and projects in a systematic and comprehensive way, in order to achieve secure tenure for all.

Contact Address
Green Institute
P.O Box 19483
Kathmandu, Nepal
Tel Number: +977 1 5570877