Student voluntering

 International Student VOLUNTEERING in Nepal

(Volunteerism for Nepal’s post-earthquake reconstruction & sustainable community development)

In context of Nepal’s post-earthquake scenario, Student Volunteering Program has been launched as a joint initiative of Green Institute and several leading NGOs including Team for Nature & Wildlife (TNW), school of agriculture (Prangarik Pathshala) and Community Based Organizations (CBOs). Student Centre @Green Institute has been commissioned to coordinate and administer student-volunteering program.

Student Volunteering Program attempts to engage international/foreign students, young people, academicians, teachers, scholars, scientists, engineers, doctors, technologists, technical experts including travellers as a volunteer to build back better school/education and earthquake-hit community.

Student Centre @Green Institute offers volunteer placement services to foreign university students and young people and facilitates their involvement in social, environmental, cultural, economical and sustainable developmental works at earthquake-hit communities. It is about living with earthquake victims and helping them for sustainable development/reconstruction of their communities.

Through Student volunteering program, the students will gain exposure to Nepalese nature and culture, acquire practical knowledge and understanding, life-changing experiences and develop leadership skills. The student volunteers will work in the field as one of the important stakeholders or contributors to develop earthquake-hit communities in the form of better, safer, healthier, developed and sustainable communities.

Physical, financial and technical contribution of international students and young people in this program will be acknowledged as a contribution for post-earthquake community reconstruction and sustainable development of Nepal. It means, after your involvement in this program, you can say, “ I have made contribution for Nepal’s post-earthquake reconstruction.” Green Institute and partner NGOs will jointly award the student volunteers with a letter of volunteering, certificate of appreciation along with a token of love.

There are two major areas, in which international students and young people can volunteer:

  • Better school/education
  • Better/sustainable community

The period of Student Volunteering will be minimum 1 week to 4 months.


The Green Institute (for sustainable development) and its partner NGOs will award the certificate of volunteering to the student volunteers. If the volunteers need a letter of recommendation and any supporting letters then they should inform before a week of their departure.

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