Professional Certificate of sustainable development

Professional Graduate certificate of 

Sustainable Development

The Green Institute is offering a Professional graduate certificate of Sustainable Development. The duration of the course is 1 month. The course deals with issues related to sustainable development, developmental research, administration & leadership.

Objective of the course:

The main objective of the course is to make young graduates:

  • Knowledgeable on components and practices of sustainable development & United Nations’ SDGs
  • Capable in governance and leadership of sustainable developmental organizations
  • Capable in planning, management and execution of projects, initiatives and events
  • Capable in monitoring & evaluation, report writing
  • Develop the analytical and hands-on skills of highly effective developmental professionals and practitioners
  • Gain access, exposure to and connected with national and international prominent developmental professionals
  • Formulate good research questions and design appropriate research.
  • Collect their own data using a variety of methods.
  • Interpret and analyze both qualitative and quantitative data using computer-based skills.
  • Critically evaluate their own research and that of other developmental scholars.
  • Capable to develop and present paper or research findings in conferences, workshops, seminars etc

Resource persons/visiting lecturers

The world-class experts on sustainable developmental issues, developmental professionals from biggest international organizations and highly experienced developmental planners and administrators will be the resource persons and visiting lecturers for the course.

System of teaching

The resource persons will teach through online (digital technology based teaching) and offline (class room based teaching) system. At the end of the course, the students will have to write a thesis by conducting a study/research/dissertation on any sustainable developmental issues to be given by the research supervisor.


Upon completion of the research, submission of a thesis and power point presentation, the students will get the certificate of course.


Graduation in engineering, architecture, social work, sociology, anthropology, rural development, developmental studies, environmental science, natural resources management, public administration,law etc. Emerging social entrepreneurs and local governmental leaders/administrators ( city council and village council leaders) with graduation are also eligible to apply.

Course thematic areas:

  • Concepts, history, measurements, diverse fields of Sustainable Development
  • Strategy and planning for Sustainable Development
  • Sustainable Development Goals
  • Introduction to the Post-2015 process, the origins and implementation of the 2030 agenda;
  • Environmental -issues, governance, economy & security
  • Project planning, development, management, administration, Monitoring & Evaluation, report writing
  • Developmental administration and leadership
  • Research (Methodology & Project)

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