Training course on smart cities

Smart City training/Study visit

(In the Netherlands)


Green Institute with its partner institutions and smart city experts of the Netherlands has launched/is offering “smart city training/study visit” program. This entire program includes one-day orientation session in Nepal and 5-day (6 overnight stays) training plus study visit program in the Netherlands. This training program is knowledge and skill development program on smart city for city leaders, government authorities, local developmental officers/practitioners, and member of parliaments/policy makers/decision makers, administrators, consultants, young people and urban development professionals.

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Methodologies of training:

  • Theory (Morning)
  • Study visits/field based learning during day-time (visit 4 cities in 5 days after theory class/session and interaction with the urban developmental practitioners)

Study visits to the Netherlands

The Netherlands has a reputation as “digital champion” and scores as a front-runner in all the leading international benchmarks (EC, UN, WEF). For this reason, the Netherlands is a good country for a study visit on Smart Cities.

The study visit programs offer:

  • Theoretical background
  • Case studies
  • Discussions with practitioners/ experts
  • Location visits
  • Sector or domain specific analysis
  • Cross-references to own country context.

Program of the study visit:

Smart Cities Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague & Eindhoven

Learning from front-runner cities and regions can be inspiring and beneficial. It brings new ideas, it creates a new mindset, and it offers opportunities for valuable networking. The Netherlands is a densely populated country. More than 50% of the population lives in a network of cities. Dutch cities have almost a similar size pattern in population as cities in Nepal, structured as Metropolitan cities, Sub-Metropolitan cities and Municipality cities.

The quality of life in most Dutch cities is relatively high compared to international standards. Nevertheless Dutch cities face numerous challenges when it comes to mobility, health, security, energy, governance etc. The cities of Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague and Eindhoven (all the size of Metropolitan Nepal cities) are front-runners when it comes to Smart City programs.

During the study visits, the students/trainees will visit following 4 cities due to following reasons:

1st City) Amsterdam

Amsterdam is the capital of the Netherlands and the financial center. It is a city with an innovative mindset and one of the start-up capitals in Europe. Amsterdam has set up a thriving tech and business ecosystem, where many smart projects for the city and citizens of Amsterdam are launched.

2nd City) Rotterdam

Rotterdam has a reputation as a Resilient Smart City. Focus is on climate adaptation and sustainable economy. With one of the largest ports in the world, Rotterdam is working on an ambitious roadmap for the Next Economy.

3rd City) The Hague

The Hague is the government capital: all the ministries are located in this city. Here the National Smart City Strategy for the Netherlands has been launched. The Hague also houses The Hague Security Delta, one of the leading security cluster in the world. Last but not least, The Hague is a front-runner when it comes to e-government-services in the Netherlands.

4th City) Eindhoven

Eindhoven is the Tech Capital of the Netherlands and the home of many technical innovations. These innovations are tested in fascinating living labs across the city, attracting a lot of (inter)national attention.

The study visit will start in Amsterdam. From there the other cities will be visited.


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