Urban planning & design

Urban planning, design & development:

Green Institute has developed a team of (and maintained a roster of) world-class highly qualified international and national experts from diverse backgrounds including architecture, planning, design, business development, economics, environment, health, agriculture, engineering, geospatial analytics, ICT, model making/visualizations, graphic design and project management. This diversity of highly creative young urban planners/designers, scholars, experts and professionals helps the Green Institute for effective planning and design of the cities.

Through better planning, Green Institute attempts to promote city’s sustained economic growth & development, urban resilience, environmental sustainability and enhance quality of life of all and create positive social, environmental and economic effects.

We are a team of following people:

  • Regional/ Urban Planner
  • Urban designer & Architect
  • Information Technology (IT) Expert
  • Urban/Infrastructure Planner
  • Transportation engineer
  • Structural Engineer
  • Geologist or engineering geologist
  • Economist
  • Sociologist
  • Environmentalist
  • Sustainable development scholar
  • Public health specialist
  • Agriculture expert
  • Eco-tourism expert
  • GIS Expert
  • Statistician/Data Analyst
  • Civil Engineer
  • IT engineer
  • Senior Surveyor
  • Institutional development specialist
  • Urban governance expert

Additionally, the Green Institute collaborates with internationally certified and multi-disciplinary & leading International institutions and consulting firms to provide consulting and other services on sustainable, scientific and practical urban planning, design and development.

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Green Institute, jointly with its national and international partners provides professional services in the areas of Urban and Regional Planning, Urban design, territorial planning, architecture, sustainable urban development, Master planning, Landscape design and New town Development to governments, non governmental sector, private sector, and related stakeholders.

Green Institute offers technical assistance and advice to local governments (metropolitan cities, sub metropolitan cities and municipalities) for effective urban planning, design and development. In this context, Green Institute works for the development of scientific urban plan, strategies, master plan, action plan and effective execution of the plans to make better, safer, green, smart, sustainable and livable cities.

Additionally, Green Institute gets engaged in education, knowledge development, learning, innovation, sharing of knowledge, idea, expertise, experiences, information and resource materials, research, planning practice, application of best practices, capacity development and training on urban planning, design and development.

Contact Address
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